At Heartland Print & Design, we’re more than a printing company. Our qualified and friendly team helps small business owners and corporate clients bring their visions to life so that they can do business in a better way.

Our shop is nestled in a small community and we pride ourselves on reliability, consistency, responsiveness, and good customer service.

Whether you lead a small business, large company, bank, school, or restaurant, or are operating in the construction industry or B2B space, we always support our clients’ goals and we work hard to surpass their expectations.

Our clients have great ideas; they’re just looking for a little life and energy to put behind them and that’s where we come in.

We help our new and loyal customers grow their businesses through printing and design support of signs, literature, invoices, banners, clothing, hats, promo items, car wraps, and more.

We’re creatives, problem solvers, and experts in our field, but most importantly, we’re good people.

Randy Powell


 Randy knows that Heartland’s print and design services impact his community and that is what inspires him everyday. He supports his team in any way he can so that they can continue to deliver materials that make a difference in people’s lives. The business is designed to help brands tell their stories and help people fulfill their purpose and grow their companies. Randy finds it exciting to be a small part of an entrepreneurial journey one day and a new project for a 100-year-old company the next day. His honest approach to customer satisfaction leaves “selling” behind and focuses on how his company can help meet or exceed the needs of the next person who walks through the door. Randy knows that he doesn’t have to have all of the answers, which is why he relies on his talented team who has the knowledge and experience to make it all happen. He describes his talented Heartland team as customer-focused, creative, and passionate about quality. He wants Heartland to be the place you call to find answers and he is proud to have a team that can follow-through with those answers and create something that solves their problem.

Keasha Hart

Visual Branding Specialist

Keasha’s focus is to help businesses build a visual brand, create a memorable impact, and get noticed in the marketplace. It’s all about helping clients connect with their consumers through high quality and innovative graphic design. She enjoys the challenge of taking a client’s idea and making it a reality and she shares their passions and excitement through the experience. Keasha describes Heartland as a big family, that’s a multi-talented crew, with a strong customer focus. Her goal is always to deliver on her promises while always being kind, open minded, and personable.

Debbie Seely

Front Office Specialist

Debbie comes to Heartland from Hallmark Cards, where she was a senior proofreader for 36 years. She ensures that orders are filled in a timely manner and that customers get a professional, yet small town feel when they come to Heartland. Her goal is that every customer feels comfortable and satisfied enough to return to work with the team again. Because the shop isn’t far from where she lives, she knows a lot of the clients that come in, which makes it feel like home. She finds her community and team to be extremely supportive of each other which puts a smile on her face.

Kayla Willey

Sign Queen

Kayla is a quick learner, known for her efficiency, and she thrives in a fast-paced, yet friendly, environment like Heartland. She loves meeting new clients that walk through the doors every day and she enjoys working alongside her hardworking and dedicated team members to bring ideas to fruition. Her excellent work ethic is inspired by her mom and she constantly drives to work hard and produce the best quality of work possible for new and loyal clients. She puts her all into understanding customer needs and does everything in her power to surpass their expectations. 

Misty Willey

Store Manager

Misty oversees the daily operations of the shop. With 29 years of customer service experience, and 7 years of background in project management and quality control, she is used to having her eye on quality, deadlines, and efficiencies. She cares about the success of clients in her community and she enjoys working with them to bring their unique visions to life. She is caring, personable, and reliable, and believes that as a team, Heartland can achieve anything. When she is not at the print shop, she enjoys playing sports and riding horses with her 3 wonderful children.

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